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Teacher and Pupil


At Honey Bears we pride ourselves on celebrating sweet success. Success of our patients, families, and their supporting community. Using evidenced based coaching techniques; we work to educate our parents and families, and equip them with the tools that are needed to help their children reach their goals. We truly believe that therapy is only as good as the work that is being done when the therapist is not present. Daily practice and implementation of therapeutic strategies are key to the success of every patient.  Our therapist work with parents to provide them with strategies that can be performed in the natural environment as a part of their child’s daily routine. Services are provided in person, virtually or a hybrid of the two. Our goal is to empower and educate our families, connect them with the proper medical providers and provide top notch quality care. We pride ourselves on servicing all families regardless of race, economic background, religion or gender.  Through education and collaboration, Honey Bears is able to ensure that each family is equipped to celebrate sweet success.

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